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About Us


The Turkish-American Association (TAA) is a rooted and prestigious non-governmental organization established in 1951 upon bilateral agreements between Turkey and USA. The founding members of the association include many well-known names such as Tevfik İleri who was the Minister of National Education of the time, Congressman Cemal Köprülü, Congressman Prof. Halide Edip Adıvar, Istanbul University Rector Ömer Saraç, USA Ambassador George Wadsworth, and Principle of the Robert College Floyd Black. The Turkish American Association continues its activities in its building located at Cinnah Caddesi No: 20 Kavaklıdere-Ankara.


Celebrating its 65th anniversary in 2016, the Turkish-American Association has provided high quality language courses and cultural programs to many Turkish citizens who are now leaders in the fields of state, business and culture. The Turkish-American Association has also offered assistance to many other institutions offering English courses.


TAD Preschool is the official preschool of the Turkish-American Association. The language of instruction within the preschool is English. One of the main missions of TAD Preschool is to enable preschoolers to use English actively in expressing themselves and communicating with others. In order to support children in having a correct life energy, TAD Preschool also focuses on various skills such as socializing, sharing, collaborating, respecting, taking responsibility, mastering courtesy and rules of etiquette, elocution, posture, playing a musical instrument and has developed a curriculum catering for various needs of children in accordance with the 21st century skills.


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Anaokulu Ankara Çekmeköy

Kreş Ankara  Çekmeköy

İngilizce Anaokulu Ankara Çekmeköy

Ankara Çekmeköy Kreş

Ankara Çekmeköy Preschool


Phone:  0 539 555 49 35

Email:  info@tadpreschool-cekmekoy.com

Adress:  Merkez Mahallesi Nefer Sokak Çekmeköy / İstanbul