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Science and Nature Workshop


Science and Nature activities are important for children to expand their areas of interest, to teach them effective thinking strategies, and improve their problem solving skills. The Science and Nature Workshop is a special workshop that provides students with the opportunity to research and discover through their own observations and experiences. In this workshop, the innate curiosity and impulse to discover are supported and improved through projects and experiments.


Through special training based on plants and animal groups, feelings such as love for nature, taking responsibility, appreciation, being appreciated, protection, and sustaining are supported and improved.


Humans, animals, plants, our body, our health, nutrition, weather, water and other liquids, soil, rocks, simple land forms, gravity, space, elements, light, sound, force, movement, energy, heat, sinking and floating, simple machinery (wheels, screws, levers etc.), living and non-living beings, explorations, seasons, natural events, our world and beyond our world are among the topics to be covered in this workshop.


TAD Preschool pre-plans the activities necessary to improve the individual interests and skills of children with professional psychologists and pedagogues. Using their own experiences is the most frequently used method by children in gathering information. For this reasons, our teachers encourage our children to actively experiment, guess, make errors, observe, question, solve problems, research and analyze while the teachers act as guides and resources. Instead of spoon feeding the children, a rich environment enabling children to discover is preferred.


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Anaokulu Ankara Çekmeköy

Kreş Ankara  Çekmeköy

İngilizce Anaokulu Ankara Çekmeköy

Ankara Çekmeköy Kreş

Ankara Çekmeköy Preschool


Phone:  0 539 555 49 35

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